Sunday, April 20, 2008

Climate change : Winners and Loosers

Climate change talks everywhere. Few raising voice against it, few trying to fight it,many just don't care. Now lets forget all these for a moment and lets look into the direct economics of climate change.

Lets see who is loosing.

  1. Short winters, snow for a little time, yap the skates business throughout the world.
  2. The insurance companies. You remember Katrina ?
  3. Agriculuture, I have no comments on these, you know the prices, high costs doesn't mean profits for farmers, but lack of supply.
  4. Infrastructure !!!!! Yes they need to spend more to maintain them. Long summers, heavy rains will definately change the roads.
  5. Packed food industries in developing nations,as more and more people go green, they are slowly loosing thier charm.
And Who is winning ?
  1. The clean energy companies. The most benifited, the most happiest.
  2. The climate experts, they are fast becoming page 3 celebs.
  3. The Carbon offsetting companies :)
  4. The green fashion desginers and stores
  5. And the next obvious profit makers in the thrid world countries are the cooling solutions. As people get ready to pay a 1000 INR more every month to avoid heat, they become easy targets for these brands.
And the list goes on...
Things may be little different in developing world with packed food industry growing, infrastructure changing, but they will have their share very soon, because climate change is not going to wait.

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