Saturday, February 23, 2008

Where do we start?

For a long time I had been reading lot of books,articles,blogs on being an entrepreneur. Everybody had their own views about when to start? Some say wait till have the right moment, some said you shouldn't wait. At the end of the day what mattered most was, what I wanted to do. I'm sure many would agree with this.

Now it's all over and here I'm sitting at my office, writing this. Had been a long time since I wrote the blog. Had multiple reasons for not writing a blog as well. Can you believe a city like Mysore can't even have proper infrastructure for Internet ? Ok now coming to the topic, Well we have started. What have we started? Where are we right now? Where do we go next ? phew !!! I'm confused myself. We have a lot of plans for EnLEn. But where do we start from? Do we do this first or do we do this next?

Things keeps changing. We are totally new, highly immature, It's like learning at kindergarten. It's astonishing . I'm learning a lot of things including my writing skills, as you can I have written lot many words without having anything to say :-). A blog for which I don't even have proper labels.
Anyway we will be getting our first salaries from April at EnLEn, Pretty excited :-)

Monday, February 4, 2008

First Day at EnLEn

Friday, 1st of Feb 2008, I was roaming around the office to complete my last day formalities at office. Finally at 5:00 PM just 30 min before the official day ended I got relieved :-) . That was the moment. We had a great party at office CCD. My friends visited my home for the last time in Noida. We partied whole night. The moment I got relieved, I got a call from Ashwin to inform me that the company was registered. EnLEn Marketing and Renewables energy systems Pvt Ltd.

And today on Monday 4th of Feb 2008, here I'm at Ashwin's home and our new office, working on the SapGreen's website.