Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Clean colors

The rebranding trend has started. The old biggies are changing their indentit. It was UTI who changed to Axis, Canara bank changed the logo, Hutch and now it's Ceat. When rebranding happens a lot changes, company ownership,company ethcis,visions,services and the list goes on. But the most noticable change is the logo.

Have you noticed the trend in these logos ? The changed logos are simple, with clean colors,very little curves,no animals running,no hand-holding-flowers. Now why am I talking about logos heres ? Just writing a stroy about sapgreen's logo. Check the logo and colors on the site. The story behind it is simple. Ashwin as usual coming with some really funny ideas (Will post it sometime if get hold of those pages), he was revovling round the combination of SUN-WIND-TREES,combining them to create most complex and bizzare logos ever made.  The current logo was desgined by his sister.

What does it mean ?
  The Yellow-Orange means life and energy, the green circle surrounding it means confined within the environment.

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GVK said...

Would add colour(to spell the word the Brits'way) to your post, Anil, if you print the Sapgreen logo.And, let us know her name, the logo designer.