Thursday, January 24, 2008

Are you Credible enough to do such a thing !!!???

When I decided to quit my job, there were many type of questions,trying to discourage me, confuse me......... Most funniest of them was "Have you really thought about this ?"
What I'm supposed to say ?

"No man I don't "think", I just listen to my tooth fairy who comes in my dreams every night, she told me to quit the job "

Some of the questions were really annoying, some really crazy..... Then I had to quit answering them. But one question really made me think, "Are you credible enough to such a thing ?"

Now let me define "such" a thing, I want to be greenpreneur in India. No I don't want to be part of NGO. I want to run a business, a green business !!!!!

I thought about being credible enough. I did ask myself a few questions.

Who is the credible person to be a greenpreneur?
"Me and you"
How to become credible?
I just need to work towards it.
Is it impossible to start a business without right qualification?
Is there a right qualification for doing a business?

Now it's not just being greenpreneur, its for every business, every job,to be a father, to be a mother........... you need to be credible. But you will be credible enough only if you jump in and do it. No self made billionaires living today was credible enough when they started. You will never be credible enough to do anything as long as you listen to people who themselves are credible enough to be an Idiot for their lifetime.


Swaroop C H said...

The reasonable man adopts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adopt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man. - George Bernard Shaw

I've been through similar situations as you have been, and I would say do what you feel is the
right thing for _you_, not what others think is the right thing for you.

All the best.

-- Swaroop

Jonathan McTavish said...

That's a noble thing you're doing. I think green businesses are the way to go nowadays. It'll help push the use of green materials onto the consumer. I want to run my own business, and I've been thinking about taking an existing business and making it green. I've been looking for potential businesses to buy, but I haven't had much luck. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hey Jonathan,

Have you checked out your local Chamber of Commerce? They might be able to help you.

Otherwise, I highly suggest checking out It's an online global marketplace where you can buy, sell, and invest in small business. It has a wide selection of businesses that I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for on the Internet, including that Green Business. Check it out sometime and good luck!

Anil said...

Hey Jonathan,
Well the most promising green business for the future will be renewable energies. If u want to start small find a distributed energy business that can be used in developing world.